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FS22 Lamborghini Veneno 2013
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FS22 Steyr 8165 Forestry Edition

Mod Description

This special edition of the Steyr tractor has been specifically designed to work with the Koller K300-T winch system

Version 1.2 of the Steyr 8165 Forestry Edition will be the final update

Certain Simple IC functions are disabled when Forestry Cage options are selected, e.g. sunroof, rear window, rear side windows
Certain shop options are hidden until another option is enabled, e.g. “Cage” is hidden until “Forestry” option is selected
Certain shop and color options have been disabled when selecting the “Camo” shop option
When using the rear winch we strongly recommend you do not attach any 3point implement
Front and rear winch requires Platinum DLC, winch can pull up to 6 logs
Towing chain option will only appear once “Cage 2” is selected
Forestry cage has collisions, this is intentional

Simple IC (recommended):
Exhaust Extension (optional):

i3D mapping reformatted, removed duplicate entries, modDesc raised to 74
Added animated handbrake via Simple IC, incl. IC sounds (non functional)
Added rear side window animations via Simple IC, incl. IC sounds
Added interior control panel option (non functional)
Added multi color beaconlight: Green/Orange
Fixed i3D to comply with guidelines 7.4
Default front fender position raised up
Added additional rooflight options
Added 2nd warning triangle option
Added front winch functionality
Added front grill color options
Added 3rd forestry cage options
Added fender color options
Added window tint option
Added animated rear PTO
Added rear wiper

Remapped forestry helmet to base game asset, 4 options now available
Revised XML naming, updated modDesc version, fixed spelling errors
Added additional roof lights, added cables to all worklights
Added functional rear winch system, incl. custom sounds
Added additonal warning stripe + reflector options
Added new barrel weight option to forestry cage
Added towing chain option, incl. sway animation
Added new color options, color naming revised
Added normal map to steering wheel and knob
Added additional forestry cage design
Added additional beaconlight options
Removed several displaybrand files
Added additional worklight options
Revised torque scale for 8215 FE
Added German translation

Starting Price: 87,000
Diesel Capacity: 168 – 300 Litres
Horsepower: 150 – 215 HP
Top Speed: 40 – 50 KP/H
Weight: 5.7 Tonne
Air: 2000 Litres

Animations: door, side window, rear window, sunroof, sunblind, ear protection, air freshener, ignition key, antenna, wipers
CB radio rebuilt from scratch with new diffuse, emissive and normal map, new functionality
Steyr terminal rebuilt with new emissive, normal map and new functionality
Added old square worklights, new LED worklights for 360° illumination
Added multiple Simple IC functions to internal cab, incl. IC sounds
Added forestry helmet, ear protection and chainsaw (non functional)
New engine configuration, revised torque scale, revised sounds
Added additional dashboard functionality with illumination
Added illumination to rear licence plate and warning sign
Added terminals in cab with functional LED displays
Added multiple interior and exterior color options
Added multiple rear speed and warning sign options
Forestry protection cage covers cabin + lights
Added front winch + cable reel (acts as weight)
Material colors of various elements adjusted
Added custom beacon lights with LED flash
Added CB radio with working LED displays
Added internal cabin light via Simple IC
Added CB radio antenna incl. animation
Added snow chains to tire selections
Added ignition key and air freshener
Added fuel tank capacity option
Added additional decals to 3D model
Added new configuration options
Improved quality of all decals
Added Safety Package to cabin
Added warning stripes option
Added steering wheel knob
Exhaust Extension ready

Credits: GIANTS Software, Steyr Landmaschinentechnik AG, DLTS, LU Gaming, Ifko[nator], Tirola_bua(Lesnik)
TSR, ls_einsatzfahrzeuge, Schwabengamer, modelleicher, Vector Man, SrVertex, BD_Modding, domip
AgroSeba, DickerSauerlander, Grubby, BR Mod Performance, Carl-TG, E.T.A La Marchoise, Retaurus
Koning_mods, DK mods, Thor Modding, Ls_Dezign, SleutjesModding, THE_Voytek, Dreamzy
STEYR Modding Team: Riko,, cruuft, Fabian/Gogobear, MB3D Modelling, Schmid-Modding


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