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FS22 Case IH MXM 190

Mod Description

Manufactured from 2002 – 2007
Built in Basildon, England
Row-Crop tractor
Maxxum Series

Simple IC (recommended):
Exhaust Extension (optional):

GPS (optional):
Precision Farming (optional):


– Tractor specifications updated, added Exhaust Extension support
– Added additional wheel options, control scheme simplified
– Improved decals quality, general improvements and fixes
– added CB radio, added CB antenna incl. animation
– Added GPS terminal, added steering wheel knob
– Added additional internal cabin illumination
– Added front licence plate + rear plate lights
– Added entinguisher + emergency hammer in cab
– Remapped certain files to base game assets
– i3d file optimised, updated modDesc to 74
– XML adjustments, file structure improved
– Added Precision Farming + GPS support
– New engine option with object changes
– Added mipmaps to improve performance
– Added US/EU configuration
– Added side hose support

Simple IC Functions:

– Open/Close EU Warning Signs
– Open/Close AUX Seat
– Left or Right doors
– Interior Light
– Rear window
– Hood/Bonnet
– Rear window

– Price: 98,000 $
– Max Speed: 50 KP/H
– Weight: 7.95 Tonne
– Diesel: 398 Litres
– Motor Configurations: 190 – 250 HP

– Design Configurations: Front Attacher – Front Weights
– Animated Turn signal Handle
– Warning Sign Configurations
– Exhaust Color Configuration
– Wheel Brand Configurations
– Wheel Setup Configurations
– Front Loader Configuration
– Beacon Type Configurations
– Roof Light Configuration
– Body Color Configuration
– Rim Color Configuration
– Beacon Configurations
– Honk Configuration
– Animated Engine


– Open/Close EU Warning Signs
– Left + Right Doors
– Hood/Bonnet
– Rear Window

Credits: GIANTS Software, CASEIH, JEJEN, TSR, TeoR, MaxModding, Ifko[nator], User555
modelleicher, Vector Man, Prelaw, Wopster, Nico Du 55, 4D Modding, Farmari99

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