Mercedes Benz E63S AMG 2018


Mercedes Benz E63S AMG 2018:
➣ Price: 104,400$
➣ Power: 603 HP
➣ Max Speed: 250 KM/H
➣ Body Color Configuration
☆ Colors Includes: Ordinary, Pearlescent And Phosphoric Colors
➣ Rims 2 Color Configurations
➣ Front Addon Configuration
➣ Rear Wing Configuration
➣ Windows Tint Configuration
➣ Car Configuration To Turn The Car From E63S AMG Into A Powerful Brabus 800 (Body, Engine And Sound Will Be Changed)

➲ Simple IC Includes:
➣ Open/Close All 4 Doors
➣ Open/Close All 4 Windows
➣ Open/Close Hood And Trunk
➣ Turn On Vehicle
➣ Hazard Light
➣ Toggle Lights
➣ Interior Light

Simple IC Version Suggestion (Version Download Here

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  1. Tommy

    This is a fantastic mod, i recommend it. MyGameSteam if you are seeing this then i have one request, can you please make a bmw m5 mod for the f10 model for fs19, that looks similar to this:×437.jpg

    • MyGameSteam

      Hello, We Have A Lot Of Requests At The Moment, But No Problem We Will Add It To Our To Do List For Later….

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