Krone Big M500


Krone BiG M 500


→Added New Customizable “Contractor” Decals
→New 3D Model Elements Added to Front Mower
→Added New Motor Configuration Option
→Added New Decals to Interior And Exterior
→Added New 50 KM/H Warning Sign
→Added New LED Beacon Options
→Added New Elements to 3D Model Incl. Front Springs Suspension System
→Added New Language Translations
→Fixed Front Mower Collision Mask
→Added New in Cab LED Clock (Via Simple IC)
→Added New Engine Interior to 3D model, incl. Opening Side Panels (via Simple IC)
→Added New Animated Ladder Incl. Additional Safety Lighting
→All Simple IC Functions Now Feature IC Sounds
→Added Shaking Engine Animation
→modDesc Updated to Include Turn Signal Lever Animation
→Added Flag Options
→Added Illuminated in Cab Radio
→Lots of Minor Adjustments And Tweaks to The Model Overall
→Added New Color Options

→To Add Your Own Contractor Logo Go To This Link For The Tutorial:
→For Any Support Join Our Discord Channel Dedicated For Krone Big M500:


→Added “Fake” Engine
→Added Wiring to All Working Lights
→Removed Lug Nut Color Option
→Added Opening Battery Storage Compartment (via Simple IC)
→Added US and EU Configuration
→Updated modDesc to Include Rear PTO Feature
→Revised in Cab Monitors and Decals, incl. New Startup Screen
→Added New 3D Model Elements to Interior and Exterior
→Added US License Plate
→Added New Pneumatic Hoses and Monitor Power Cables
→Added Full Color Configuration Options
→Added VIN Plate
→Added GPS Compatibility, incl. GPS Option in Shop
→Updated ModDesc Credits
→CCI 1200 Monitors Added in Cab
→Added Interior Camera Zoom And Monitor Switch Options

→Base Price: 460,000
→Diesel Capacity: 900 Litres, DEF Capacity: 70 Litres
→Speed: 40 KM/H, Reverse Speed: 20 KM/H
→Engine: 520HP/382kW
→Working Width: 13.2 metres
→Working Speed: 20 KM/H
→Tire Options: Choice of 4 types (Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas, Nokian)
→Choice of Standard or Wide Tires
→Beacon Light Options
→Speed Sign Options
→US and EU License Plate Options
→Rim Color Options
→Hub Color Options
→Decal1 and Decal2 Color Options
→Primary and Secondary Body Color Options
→PTO Extension Option
→US and EU Configuration Option
→GPS Option

→Fully Animated Interior, incl. Seat Suspension, Ignition Key, Pedal, Buddy Seat, Armrest, Door, Wipers, Mowers Up/Down Position, Turn Signal Lever
→New Vehicle Sounds Added, incl. Simple IC Sounds
→Animated Engine Interior
→Front and Rear Mowers Fully Animated incl. Spinning Blades
→Many New Model Details Added, incl. Brand New PTO Sections and Brass Springs
→3D Model fully overhauled, interior and Exterior
→All FS13 Textures Removed

Simple IC Functions:
→Battery Storage Compartment (IC Sound)
→Door (IC Sound)
→Armrest (IC Sound)
→Interior Light (IC Sound)
→Ignition Key (IC Sound)
→Buddy Seat (IC Sound)
→Hazzard Lights (IC Sound)
→Wipers (IC Sound)
→Lights (3 stages) (IC Sound)
→Beacons (IC Sound)
→LED Clock (IC Sound)
→Engine Panels (IC Sound)

Credits To: Giants Software, KRONE GmbH, Gheqor, Winston9587, Eagle355th, Aaron6446, Otis, Dince, Little Bear Modding, Andrei, Simsonschlosser, GalaxyLetsPlay.
Usxi7sd, Sadame, zVoxty, Tempu, Timber 131, Shippy, FS15Nexcraft, Jaison, Dimanix, Manuel Leithner, ifko [nator], Wobster, Zetor6245, PeterAH (Modding-Welt.
BPG modding, da-Hoffi, Stevie, Smety, iCookie, Osi, BW-LPG, DerBachl, Mr. Deez, Vydka, Becs Modding, No Naim [LSMC], Raptor, Desperados93, 01SorryLumpi, TSR.
Claasy, Fruktor, SFM, Sven777b, Sven18koehler, 3xitus, Daywalker, Samson locksmiths, Ivek, Arthur W., Shorty by Test Area, Adub Modding, mod-scheune, Dj Antonis.
Qwertzuiopüasdfghjklöäyxcvbnm, EtxHdPete, AIERK modification, Leo630 ZockerStube, Sperrgebiet, Modelleicher (LS-Modcompany), GTXM mods, Gamemods, DickerSauerlaender.
Tonymif, RecliningGamer, Flukystew9, Big_Guy86, Schyffelmeister, ApacheCreekFarms, Khuby.

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