Krone Big M500


Krone BiG M 500:


→Added Fake Engine

→Added Wiring To All Working Lights

→Removed Lug Nut Color Option

→Added Opening Battery Storage Compartment (via Simple IC)

→Added US and EU Configuration

→Updated modDesc to Include Rear PTO Feature

→Revised In Cab Monitors and Decals, incl. New Startup Screen

→Added New 3D Model Elements to Interior and Exterior

→Added US License Plate

→Added New Pneumatic Hoses and Monitor Power Cables

→Added Full Color Configuration Options

→Added VIN Plate

→Added GPS Compatibility, incl. GPS Option in Shop

→Updated ModDesc Credits

→ISOBUS CCI 1200 monitors added to Cabin

→Base Price: 460,000

→Diesel Capacity: 900 Liters, DEF Capacity: 70 Liters

→Speed: 40KM/H, Reverse Speed: 20KM/H

→Engine: 520HP/382kW

→Working Width: 13.2 meters

→Working Speed: 20KM/H

→Tire Options: Choice of 4 types (Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas, Nokian)

→Choice of Standard or Wide Tires

→Beacon Light Options

→Speed Sign Options

→US and EU License Plate Options

→Rim Color Options

→Hub Color Options

→Decal1 and Decal2 Color Options

→Primary and Secondary Body Color Options

→PTO Extension Option

→US and EU Configuration Option

→GPS Option

→Fully Animated Interior, incl. Seat Suspension, Ignition Key, Pedal, Buddy Seat, Armrest, Door, Wipers

→New Vehicle Sounds Added, incl. Simple IC Sounds

→Animated Engine Interior

→Front and Rear Mowers Fully Animated

→Many New Model Details Added, incl. Brand New PTO Sections and Brass Springs

→3D Model fully overhauled, interior and Exterior

→All FS13 Textures Removed

Simple IC Functions:

→Battery Storage Compartment



→Interior Light

→Ignition Key

→Buddy Seat

→Hazzard Lights


→Lights (3 stages)


Credits To: Giants Software, KRONE GmbH, Gheqor, Winston9587, Eagle355th, Aaron6446, Otis, Dince, Little Bear Modding, Andrei, Simsonschlosser, GalaxyLetsPlay.

Usxi7sd, Sadame, zVoxty, Tempu, Timber 131, Shippy, FS15Nexcraft, Jaison, Dimanix, Manuel Leithner, ifko [nator], Wobster, Zetor6245, PeterAH.

BPG modding, da-Hoffi, Stevie, Smety, iCookie, Osi, BW-LPG, DerBachl, Mr. Deez, Vydka, Becs Modding, No Naim [LSMC], Raptor, Desperados93, 01SorryLumpi.

Claasy, Fruktor, SFM, Sven777b, Sven18koehler, 3xitus, Daywalker, Samson locksmiths, Ivek, Arthur W., Shorty by Test Area, Adub Modding. Gamemods.

Qwertzuiopüasdfghjklöäyxcvbnm, EtxHdPete, AIERK modification, Leo630 ZockerStube, Sperrgebiet, Modelleicher (LS-Modcompany), GTXM mods, mod-scheune.

If anyone else is missing from the credits then please comment below and we will update the modDesc.

A big thank you in general to the community and apologies to anyone who may have worked on the Krone BiG M 500 over the years that feels they were not given adequate credit.

It is not our intention to deliberately leave anyone out of the credits.

This mod is free to be modified further, in fact…we encourage it!, while we have done our upmost to make the model as accurate as possible we still believe it could be improved further.

Special Thanks To TSR!

5 reviews for Krone Big M500

  1. nagor

    – Thank for the good mower.
    – Why is this camera here, or what / where to edit to disable it?

    • MyGameSteam

      Hello, We Tested The Mod, And The Third Camera (Rear Cam) Works Perfectly Fine… Try Redownloading It Or Check If It Conflicts With Another Mod… If You Need More Help Contact Us By Email, We Will Be Happy To Help You…

  2. nagor

    With the Real Mud activated, it is unable to move on the field. Of course, I can disable RM, but this is the only transport(I have) with such a problem so far. Even the huge Panther 2 works “in the mud”. It would be great if there is an opportunity to fix this.

    • MyGameSteam

      Thank you for your feedback… We fixed the issue and updated the link, you could redownloaded now… we test it with RM and it works perfectly fine….

  3. nagor

    – Thank for adding RM compatibility.
    But when the reapers are deployed, raised, during the rain, it moves with such difficulty that the assistants stop working.
    This is not a very big problem.
    – And I would still really like to know how to disable the rear camera for complete comfort.

    • MyGameSteam

      Send Us An Email On:
      And We Will Send You A Krone Copy Without The Third Camera

  4. nagor

    With the attached, via the “PTO Extension”, the helper stops being hired.

    • MyGameSteam

      The worker still works but only with the mower he doesn’t use the bailer at the same time…(already tested). and for what you are showing in the video you are trying to hire a worker but you are not in the field so the worker will directly stop working as if he finished his work… when you need to hire the worker park in a field and then hire him… as i told you he will work with the mower but he will automatically stops the bailing machine…

  5. nagor

    – Everything is clear, thank you for the answer.
    – I found the problem, of course, on the field. “Near the store” in the video is only for demonstrating that when attaching the tool, even the opportunity to hire an assistant disappears(button (B)).

    • MyGameSteam

      Sorry for the later reply… We tried it on several PCs we didn’t faced that problem, we were able to hire a worker to use the mower not the attached tool.

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