GMC Vandura Stories 83


After Several Requests We Uploaded The GMC Vandura Stories 83 From The Christmas Gift Separately
Price: 0$
MaxSpeed: 120 KM/H
– 7 Types Of Rims
*Passenger Seat*
*All Doors Could Be Opened Using The Mouse Or The IC Control*

After Several Requests We Removed Some Of The Old Body Prints And Added A Lot More.
– A Team
– Blue Wings
– Burger King
– Cannabis
– Coca Cola
– DeadMau5
– Desert Saloon
– The Red Dragon
– Express Delivery
– FedEx
–  Free Candy
– Ghost Rider
– Monster Energy
– Monsters Rock
– Older Wiser
– Pizza Hut
– Rockstar
– Saints Row
– Shark Mouth
– Starbucks
– The Lost MC
– Zombie

*Bulbar Added*


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