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FS22 Ropa RootCrop Cart

Mod Description

We have observed the cart will sometimes wobble, or crop falls through bottom when filling, this is a Giants engine phenomenon.
3D model substantially rebuilt, incl. new belts, pneumatic pistons, hoses, sounds, object changes and numerous other additions.
Pipe has partial collisions, this is intentional. 3D model is not 100% accurate to the real world Ropa Big Bear
Green beacon will activate once cart is 100% full, a beep sound will also be heard.
If you turn off power to a tractor the green beacon continues to flash, this is a Giants engine limitation.
Cart is setup to prevent pipe folding while filled with crops, unfold the pipe in order to fill the cart.
The XML features a hidden line under “Fillunit”, it adds future support for additional rootcrop types.
Modded maps **must** support these additional rootcrop types, or the rootcrop cart will generate an error.
Future rootcrop support includes: carrot, onion, cabbage, redcabbage, whitecabbage, asparagus, parsnip.
Please report any issues on MyGamesteam’s Discord

Simple IC (optional):

Starting Price: 128,000 $
Capacity: 48-98,000 Litres
Weight: 11.6 Tonne
Root Crops: Sugarbeet/Potato

Added full capacity alert beacon option, incl. sound.
Added Simple IC functionality (grain door)
Added Trucktronix™ weight scale option.
Added brand option (Ropa / Amitytech)
Added ladder + color choice option.
Added fire extinguisher option.
Added warning triangle option.
Added cart capacity option.
Added beaconlights option.
Added sidemarkers option.
Added worklights option.
Added mudflap option.

Credits: GIANTS Software, ROPA Fahrzeug-und Maschinenbau GmbH, Amity Technology, Amity Team.
Atabogo, Chefkoch, Upsidedown, Bullgore, Mayer123, ifko[nator], Bluenoxx, Flying Dutchman, TSR.
AgrarDesignAustria, Schwabengamer, [FSM]Team, Smitty, Tonymif.

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