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FS22 Lamborghini Veneno 2013
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FS22 Fendt Katana 850

Mod Description

  •  Fix missing object change on front safety signs shop option
  • Fix incorrect i3d mapping entry
  • Removed unnecessary text from modDesc


Price: 450,000 €
Power: 623 kW / 847 HP
Engine: Liebherr D976
Max. Speed: 40 KM/H
Weight: 17.5 Tonne
Capacity: Diesel – 1215 L / DEF – 190 L / Silage Additive – 215 L / Lubrication Grease – 10 Kg

NOTES: In version 1.0 the NIR sensor is for role playing purposes only, this may change in future
Internal engine lights are activated by opening the left side panel via IC “X”
Storage compartments at rear feature tools (non movable, non functional)
Internal fan sounds linked to current engine state and header activation
All opening panels have collisions, this is intentional

If you do not enable the Lubricating Grease mod, the following log warning will appear:
Warning: ‘C:/Users/xxxxxxx/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2022/mods/FS22_Katana850/xml/katana850.xml’ has invalid fillType ‘GREASE’
This is normal and will not effect your game, in order for grease lubrication to work properly please install the mod from the link below

Lubricating Grease (recommended):
Exhaust Extension (optional):
Passenger Seat (optional):
Guidance Steering (optional):
Interactive Control (recommended):
DEF Pack (optional):

New features:
– Accurate vehicle specifications, increased visual accuracy of cabin and engine area
– Chrome pipe work, screws + bolts, hosing, decals, cables and many other elements
– Extensive 3D modelling and Blender work performed, Giants decals improved
– Custom sound schemes for harvester engine, pipe, work mode, horn etc.
– Cabin radio + air conditioning features functional illuminated displays
– Custom fire extinguisher, custom beacon lights, custom schema icon
– Silage Additive tank animation, opening door + access panel, via IC
– Many new decals with accurate placement, modDesc raised to 74
– 2 opening compartments for battery storage and toolbox, via IC
– 5 opening panels to access engine area for maintenance, via IC
– Multiple Interactive Control features in cabin and exterior
– Polispec© NIR sensor for monitoring of chopped material
– Custom grease lubrication system, incl. fill animation
– Engine compartment features internal illumination
– Animated engine fan + Polispec NIR fan animation
– 16 animated pulleys + 3 animated belts for engine
– All IC functions feature custom sound schemes
– Passenger Seat support, requires Kubota DLC
– Several new shop options, incl. color options
– XML adjustments, mirror quality Improved
– 3 front safety warning signs
– Special limited edition paint

Interactive Control:
– Steering wheel base (enter animation + IC)
– Fold/Unfold header (interior + exterior)
– Lower/Lift header (interior + exterior)
– Interior cabin light
– Fold/Unfold pipe
– Left cabin door
– Toolbox panels
– Cruise control
– Worklight back
– Highbeam light
– Hazard light
– Turnlights
– All panels
– Pipe light
– Ignition
– Beacons
– Radio

– GPS (requires Guidance Steering mod)
– Special Edition Paint
– Polispec© NIR Sensor
– Front Safety Signs
– Rear Warning Signs
– Pipe Worklights
– Main Color
– Rim Color
– Wheels

Credits: GIANTS Software, Fendt, Felix, AgrarBasti, Gefd25, Dremy, sperrgebiet, ITPhotonics S.r.l, Mantrid, DD ModPassion
ChaosDad1418, Enzo Dino, Steph3354, Schwabenletsplayer143, Ifko[nator], Vector Man, Vertex Dezign. MattB,, TSR

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