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Volvo A40G FS V1.1.0.0

Volvo A40G FS V1.1.0.0 Description Changelog -Updated ModDesc Credits-Added New 3D Model Elements to Interior And Exterior-Adjusted “hit box” Around Vehicle For More Accuracy-Adjusted VIN Plate Location-Added Tension Belts Compatibility-Added Several More Decals-Added Brand New Suspension System-Added Reverse Camera View To modDesc-Added New Vehicle And Simple IC Sounds-Added Engine Shaking Animation-Added Exhaust Pipe Color …

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Western Twin-Steer Truck V1.0.0.0

Western Twin-Steer Truck V1.0.0.0 Description Western Twin-Steer Truck Is A Huge FlatBed 8 Wheeler Truck.The Truck Had Been Tested With A 13.7 Tons Of Load On Its Bed And Driven On A 75 Degree Slope. Price:95000$MaxSpeed: 83 km/h2 Kind Of Wheels Available. Previous Next Download From